October 26,2016

Honor, Courage and Commitment; a Veteran’s Story

Andi Tendaji served in the U.S. Navy and, even though she was subjected to sexism, racism, and homophobia during her enlistment, she decided to extract the positive from her experience. So, she still leads her life by the Navy core values that were instilled in her: honor, courage, and commitment.

When she returned to civilian life, she didn’t see those values reflected in her community so she took initiative and enrolled in a two-year long co-facilitating training with Veteran’s Path, a nonprofit that teaches mindfulness skills.

Making an acronym of her own name, she started A.N.D.I. otherwise known as Analyzing the Negro Disparity Intellectually which follows a mission derived from her last name – Tendaji – which means “make things happen” in Swahili.

“I’m taking my veteran skills, service, and knowledge to direct the upbringing of our people,” she says.

As a cultural entrepreneur, Andi now researches and works on the economic empowerment and sustainability of African American communities.