October 25,2018

Finding What Works

WHRO is honored to have been chosen as one of twelve public media stations for the newest Veterans Coming Home initiative from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  The goal of Veterans Coming Home is to bridge the divide between post ­9/11 veterans and their civilian peers ­­ through telling stories and creating spaces for meaningful conversations and connections. This digital-first content and engagement project looks to identify successful examples of veterans “Finding What Works” as they transition to civilian life and share their stories of inspiration.

As Virginia has the highest population of women veterans in the nation, and Hampton Roads is home to all five branches of the military, it is crucial that we look for opportunities to support their transition, which often carries unique challenges when compared to men. According to a 2016 Veterans Affairs report, the rate of PTSD and divorce rate is higher for women veterans. Finding employment is often more difficult for women vets as compared to men. Moreover, women vets are often overlooked for their service because of their gender. In support of women veterans, as part of this Veterans Coming Home initiative, WHRO created a video series featuring three local women veterans who have successfully transitioned highlighting challenges and “Finding What Works.”

  • Yasmine Charles: Immigrant from Haiti, was a chef in Navy, separated and struggled when returning to college, graduated, dreams of teaching culinary skills to high school students.
  • Maggie Bush; feminist figurative artist who uses her work to address social injustices, stimulate conversation, and influence change.
  • Ann Phillips: retired Rear Admiral, member of the Center for Climate and Security’s Advisory Board, and works to tackle Hampton Roads urgent sea level rise issues.

Through their stories of challenge, inspiration, and passions, we look to help other women veterans find hope and meaning in their lives. These videos will begin launching online and social media next week so stay tuned to watch these inspirational stories.

You can also watch the videos live and hear amazing stories read live at the upcoming veteran’s The Writer’s Block: Stories of Service, Stories of Transition, November 9, 2018, 7:00 at Stuft Restaurant, 24 N Mallory St, Hampton, VA 23663. Event is free, registration is required. Click here to register. Hope to see you there.

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