Social Media Community Guidelines

Veterans Coming Home aims to help veterans and communities understand the opportunities and challenges faced during the transition to civilian life and bridge the military-civilian divide. We welcome and encourage conversation and trust that commenters will responsibly make constructive contributions to a healthy and productive conversation. Please follow these guidelines when participating in the Veterans Coming Home social media conversation.

Please respect the nature of this discussion.

Veterans Coming Home encourages a healthy and productive dialogue about the military –civilian divide, the veteran experience, and the nature of national and community service. The intent is to better understand each other, so please feel free to share your ideas and experiences as they relate to these topics. This is not a forum for advertising, promoting commercial enterprises, campaigning, lobbying, advocating for public policy change, soliciting or proselytizing. We recognize the line isn’t always clear between offering an opinion and advocating. Please use your best judgment. When in doubt, consider how you might say it differently.

If you can’t be polite, don’t say it.

While not everyone will agree with the content or comments posted here, please disagree without being disagreeable. Please keep it classy and family friendly. Even if a particular obscene word is often used in conversation, please refrain from using it in this public forum. Likewise, please refrain from personal attacks, name-calling, libel, defamation, or hate speech.

Please stay on topic.

As a courtesy to others participating in the conversation, please stay on topic. Advocating for or against public policy change or particular candidates for office are examples of content considered off-topic.

Be responsible.

We encourage links to relevant and appropriate content or including limited quotes from other people’s work with attribution and any associated copyright notice. You must have the legal right to distribute any content you upload to the comments. By using the Veterans Coming Home website or posting a comment to Veterans Coming Home social media channels, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you agree to release and waive any and all claims or liability against Veterans Coming Home partner organizations and to indemnify and hold harmless all Veterans Coming Home organizations.

You are responsible for the comments, content, links and media you post.

Veterans Coming Home and its partners are not responsible for the content, comments or opinions posted by users. We cannot review all comments, however, we have the right, but not the obligation, to review, screen, delete, edit or remove comments or content posted. Your comments could be used in Veterans Coming Home media content for distribution on any platform at any time.