Veterans Antiquities

Veterans Antiquities is the first company spawned by Veterans In Action (VIA), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating businesses run by men and women who have served our country in the military. You can be sure that every company created by VIA produces real job opportunities for its Veteran employees, who in turn use their skills to produce the best merchandise or offer the best service they can. VIA succeeds by creating solid business plans and then implementing them with carefully screened Veterans who have the talent, training and aptitude to run the enterprise successfully. The success of each new business helps promote another start-up that will open up even more opportunities for Veterans, and help VIA do its part to attack the alarming unemployment rate in this deserving sector.

Thank you for supporting Veterans Antiquities. You will find that each of the heirlooms offered on this website are crafted by the loyal Veteran who has signed the back of the hang-tag on the piece. You can help us by telling your friends to visit us.

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