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   Permission to Speak Freely: Did You Kill Anyone?

Watch episode three of the 5 part series “Permission to Speak Freely,” brought to you by KPBS and So replica…(more)

   Hitting The Books

Cincinnati-area veterans seeking to return to school have powerful advocates in Darrell Smith and Terence Harrison.

   Not Broken, Just Human

Ryan Latscha, Army veteran, shares his re-integration story and the impact trauma and PTSD have had on his life. Meanwhile,…(more)

   Military Liaison Group: CPD

Sergeant Dave Corlett, a 25 year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department and also a military veteran realized that he…(more)

   Karl Williams: The Road Moving Forward

After thirty years, three deployments and a serious combat injury, Karl Williams had given a lot to the U.S. Army.…(more)

   Matthew Hefti: A Hard And Heavy Thing

“Every reading I’ve done people have asked insightful questions and have been genuinely curious about how do we take care…(more)

   Finding Myself Again

Sarah Meeds’ story begins just out of high school. Coming from a military family, joining the Army seemed to be…(more)

   Not Everyone Who Comes Home Is Home

“To this day, one dream returns to me. It has changed me, rocking me to my very core. It is…(more)

   The Mission Continues

Shane Wood was a rambunctious kid. Growing up, he spent a lot of time on his grandfather’s farm. After high…(more)

   Guitars for Vets

“Right now Guitars for Vets operates 60 chapters in 30 states. We’ve given away over 2,000 new guitars. We have…(more)