Below are resources and stories related to treatment

   V. A. Therapy Beds | LPB

Can agriculture provide therapeutic benefits to veterans? Yes, and it’s happening at the V.A. Health Care System in Pineville, Louisiana.…(more)

   Guitars for Vets

“Right now Guitars for Vets operates 60 chapters in 30 states. We’ve given away over 2,000 new guitars. We have…(more)

   Military Sexual Assault Survivors Find Healing In Therapy, Education and Service

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, one in four women in the military report being sexually assaulted during their…(more)

   Dogs Help Veterans Cope With PTSD

Approximately 300,000 Post-9/11 veterans are identified as having post-traumatic stress disorder in this country but it’s estimated that only 1…(more)

   Montgomery County’s Veterans Treatment Court Offers Opportunity For A Second Chance

For veterans, reintegration back into civilian life after military service can be traumatic. Many vets make this transition successfully, but…(more)

   Dye Escapes Vietnam

Robert Dye, Jr. served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. He only spent about two months in…(more)

   Kraemer Remembers PTSD-Stricken Spouse

Wanda Kraemer lost her husband 10 years ago. Charles Kraemer was a Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD. He refused…(more)

   Gulf War Worries

Michael Smith retired from the United States Army as a Master Sergeant. His 30 year career placed him all over…(more)

   Veterans Affairs PTSD Counseling Services

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (CAVHCS) recognizes the great sacrifices made by Service…(more)


Online support is available seven days a week for Minnesota Veterans and their families via LinkVet.  For more information, search…(more)