Below are resources and stories related to mental health

   V. A. Therapy Beds | LPB

Can agriculture provide therapeutic benefits to veterans? Yes, and it’s happening at the V.A. Health Care System in Pineville, Louisiana.…(more)

   Four-Legged Friends Bring Aid, Comfort To Veterans

By Jerry LaMartina Brittany lives from day to day with relentless anxiety, depression, nightmares, insomnia and a fear of crowds.…(more)

   Permission to Speak Freely: We Got the PTSD

Watch episode two of the 5 part series “Permission to Speak Freely,” brought to you by KPBS and So Say…(more)

   Not Broken, Just Human

Ryan Latscha, Army veteran, shares his re-integration story and the impact trauma and PTSD have had on his life. Meanwhile,…(more)

   Military Liaison Group: CPD

Sergeant Dave Corlett, a 25 year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department and also a military veteran realized that he…(more)

   Guitars for Vets

“Right now Guitars for Vets operates 60 chapters in 30 states. We’ve given away over 2,000 new guitars. We have…(more)

   Veterans Coming Home: Crystal

“I had gone from living, and breathing and working with the same group of people to just being out on…(more)

   A Higher Purpose: KC Veteran Opens Rock Climbing Gym with a Mission

When Andrew Potter left the Army in 2014 he began a journey to take his passion for rock climbing and…(more)

   Connecting Point: PTSD & First Responders

Law enforcement officers and first responders can have special concerns when dealing with military veterans suffering from PTSD, and a…(more)

   Romy Camargo: Stay In Step

As a chief warrant officer for the Green Berets in 7th Special Forces Group, Camargo helped train Colombian troops to…(more)