Below are resources and stories related to deployment

   Permission to Speak Freely: Did You Kill Anyone?

Watch episode three of the 5 part series “Permission to Speak Freely,” brought to you by KPBS and So replica…(more)

   Permission to Speak Freely: Our Proudest Moments

Watch episode five of the 5 part series “Permission to Speak Freely,” brought to you by KPBS and So Say…(more)

   Not Everyone Who Comes Home Is Home

“To this day, one dream returns to me. It has changed me, rocking me to my very core. It is…(more)

   Romy Camargo: Stay In Step

As a chief warrant officer for the Green Berets in 7th Special Forces Group, Camargo helped train Colombian troops to…(more)

   Finding Direction Through Deployment

Sometimes men and woman find their direction in life as a result of their military service. This is true for…(more)

   Parenting During Deployment

One of most challenging times for young children in military families is the deployment of a parent. Today our Veterans…(more)

   Mom Serves in Military

Melody Love began her career as a Army Reservist and eventually enlisted in active duty. She served during Operation Desert…(more)

   Marine Remembers 9/11

Tristan Sexton served as a Marine for 11 years. He first joined the service in August 2001. Just one short…(more)

   Through a Soldier’s Eyes

A small contingency of soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard traveled to Italy to pay their respects and witness battle…(more)

   A Vet Speaks: Jasmine Walker

Jasmine Walker talks about her role in the military. She says it was strenuous work and she glad that she…(more)