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   Permission to Speak Freely: You’re too Pretty to be in the Military

Watch episode four of the 5 part series “Permission to Speak Freely,” brought to you by KPBS and So Say…(more)

   Finding Myself Again

Sarah Meeds’ story begins just out of high school. Coming from a military family, joining the Army seemed to be…(more)

   Veterans Coming Home: Crystal

“I had gone from living, and breathing and working with the same group of people to just being out on…(more)

   Connecting Point: Greenfield Community College Veteran Careers Program

Our veterans put their lives on the line for our freedom, but the transition from service to civilian life can…(more)

   Louisiana Public Square – Louisiana Veterans Coming Home

Since 2001, 2.6 million service men and women have been deployed to support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Louisiana joins…(more)

   DiVonta Palmer Pursues Education

DiVonta Palmer has used his abbreviated military career to make his educational dreams come true. He is studying to go…(more)

   Veteran Entrepreneur Academy launches

The Texas Veterans Commission is accepting applications for the inaugural Veteran Entrepreneur Academy. The Veteran Entrepreneur Academy is a 120-day…(more)

   From The Air Force To Ice Cream, Navigating A Transition Out Of The Service

Vets have a lot in common, no matter when they served and one issue they all confront sooner or later…(more)

   A Vet Speaks: Leu Hammonds

Leu Hammonds served 20 years active duty in the United States Air Force. He retired in 1976 and says he’s…(more)

   Female Enlists in USAF

Esther Clinton spent 20 years in the United States Air Force. She joined after finishing college in 1975. Her father…(more)