Call for Submissions: What’s Worked for You?


An Essay Contest – with Guest Editor David Chrisinger

“War is what happens when words fail.” – Margaret Atwood

At Veterans Coming Home, we believe that every one of our nation’s military veterans have a story that should be shared and celebrated. This fall, we hope to bring to civilians a better understanding of what it means to serve, sacrifice, and transition back into life at home.

In honor of Veterans Day and all those who have served, we plan to feature stories written by military veterans regarding the strategies or programs they use to effectively navigate their reintegration into civilian life. We encourage veterans interested in telling their stories to consider a range of transition experiences, from health, friendships, and relationships to finding a job, going back to school, and making sense of life after the military.

We want to hear your story. What worked? What didn’t? What do you wish civilians better understand about coming home?

Veterans Coming Home is an innovative, cross-platform public media campaign exploring “what works” for veterans as they return to civilian life. We aim to explore the challenges veterans face and to share the success stories of veterans who are making a difference in the workplace, on campus, and in their communities.

Submissions will be curated by our guest editor, David Chrisinger, and successful submissions will be featured on the Veterans Coming Home blog. The deadline for submissions is October 14, 2018.

Submissions should be limited to 3,000 words. Please submit your DOC or DOCX file to david [dot] chrisinger [at] thewarhorse [dot] org. In your submission, please include a short (300 words or less) biographical statement. If your piece is accepted, we will also ask you to submit photos that help illustrate your experience.

Simultaneous submissions and clearly identified reprint material will be considered, though we will favor new, previously unpublished work.

About our Guest Editor – David Chrisinger

Our guest editor David Chrisinger is a nonfiction writer, editor, and teacher. He is the Director of Writing Seminars for The War Horse, the only nonprofit newsroom dedicated to telling the stories of America’s post-9/11 veterans. In 2016 he edited a collection of essays written by student veterans, SEE ME FOR WHO I AM, that bridges the cultural gap that divides veterans from the American people they fought to protect. His essays have appeared in several published anthologies, War, Literature & the Arts, Reader’s Digest, The War Horse, among other outlets. For six years, David also taught public policy writing at Johns Hopkins University and wrote PUBLIC POLICY WRITING THAT MATTERS, a book for anyone passionate about using writing to create real and lasting change. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and three young children.

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