America’s funniest veterans are serious about service


Isaura Ramirez talks about service and comedy

The Armed Services Arts Partnership’s (ASAP) Comedy Bootcamp in Norfolk, Virginia, is an eight-week comedy writing and performing class for veterans, servicemembers, and military family members. Comedy bootcampers partner with professional stand-up comedians and comedy instructors to develop routines and find audiences.

We spent time with Isaura Ramirez, a 13 year Army veteran who served a 15 month tour in Iraq. Isaura spoke to us about military service, the sexual harassment she faced in the Army and how comedy has helped her and others tell their story. Along the way, see Isaura and her fellow veteran comedians perform at New York City’s Gotham Comedy Club.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes at the Veterans Coming Home Road Team filming at the ASAP Comedy Bootcamp.

Armed Services Arts Partnership's Comedy Bootcamp

Watch some of the performances from the ASAP Comedy Bootcamp Showcase at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City.

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