Social entrepreneurs, researchers and academics across the country have developed powerful solutions to many of our returning veterans’ challenges, as well as ways to support their families, employers, and communities. As communities rally to support veterans, this is by no means a one way relationship — our communities gain untold benefits from veterans’ skills and commitment. Veterans Coming Home: Finding What Works will tell stories from communities across the the nation that are innovating and succeeding for their veterans, and close the loop to highlight the unique contributions veterans are making in return.


How Public Media is Supporting Veterans

Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and led by Wisconsin Public Television, Veterans Coming Home builds on public media’s strengths to address the needs of veterans in local communities.
With compelling national content to focus attention and strong local services, public television and radio stations are conducting local efforts that:

  • Communicate veterans’ stories through journalism, documentaries and online content
  • Convene local events such as job fairs and town hall meetings that recognize veterans for their service and directly connect veterans with resources, support and veterans service organizations.
  • Collaborate with local organizations to better coordinate and publicize local services, facilitate dialogue, and connect more veterans with a healthy path.

Working with community-based partners, many local stations are recognizing veterans for their service, sharing their stories, opportunities and challenges, and increasing the number of veterans connecting with local resources to support their successful transition to civilian life.


Our Criteria for Selecting Resources

To ensure the highest standard of resources and organizations for veterans and their families, these criteria guide selection for inclusion on this website.

  1. Resource comes from a credible source.
  2. Resource is current and relevant.
  3. Resource is free and available at no cost to veterans and their families.
  4. Resource is commercial-free, no profit is derived from it.
  5. Resource is accessible, easy to get and easy to use; tangible and concrete.
  6. Organization or individual that created and/or is distributing the resource is nonpartisan. 501c4 organizations whose primary function is advocacy or educating about political issues or policy merit close scrutiny to determine nonpartisanship.


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